Tis the Season for Canvas Snowflakes


If you live in the northern third or so of the world (like me!), you’re probably used to seeing snowflakes this time of year. Then again, we just got done with a heat wave of sorts here in Iowa (60 degrees in December?), so I’m going to have to make due with fake snowflakes.

Will McNeilly built these beauties on CodePen a week or so ago, and I think they’re awfully pretty. They aren’t falling from the sky, but considering I’m not much of a cold weather person, I’m considering that a check mark in the “pro” column.

See the Pen Snowflakes on separate canvases by Will McNeilly (@willmcneilly) on CodePen.

This isn’t the most efficient code in the world: for example, it uses a separate canvas (and drawing context) for every snowflake on the screen. But it does result in some really beautiful snowflake designs.


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